Tocilizumab price in India

As known "Richman's drug", Tocilizumab.

It costs in between Rs. 40000 to 50000/- for a single shot in India which is manufacture by Switzerland pharmaceutical company Roche and is marketed by Cipla in India.

A medicine administered to Covid-19 patients in the ICU called Tocilizumab, India is staring at an extreme shortage.

The company Cipla who exports Tocilizumab said does not know when stock would be available.

Tocilizumab commonly used for rheumatoid arthritis, has been repurposed to fight severe lung infection in COVID-19 patients as it calms the inflammatory storm in the respiratory system by blocking IL-6 receptors.

Its unavailable especially in Chandigarh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Chhattisgarh and Kerala. Chandigarh doctors have been complaining about the shortage for more than two weeks, and health workers in Maharashtra, especially in Pune, Mumbai and Nagpur, have already raised an alarm about the same.

A BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) official said they had only a limited supply of Tocilizumab and that the corporation was finding it difficult to get the drug.

The Patients should be carefully monitored post Tocilizumab for secondary infections and neutropenia (low level of a certain kind of white blood cells which help the body fight infections). The guidelines warns. Tocilizumab cannot be used in patients with bacterial or fungal infections, tuberculosis, active hepatitis and low platelet count.