Sony Reon Pocket, a wearable Air Conditioner

Sony launched Reon Pocket, a wearable Air Conditioner last year in the market, likely be quite useful in the Indian subcontinent. That can be used in all weather conditions, is now available for sale.

According to a report Sony Reon Pocket is priced at 13,000 Japanese yen (around Rs 9,100), the pocket ac can be used in both summer and winter because it supports both cold and hot. You can switch the Cool/Warm/Off and the temperature can be adjusted with one touch after starting the application and immediately adjust to the desired temperature.

Reon Pocket wearable Air Conditioner is used by attaching the main body to the back pocket of the dedicated inner. The body is designed to fit around your neck when you wear inner wear, so you can directly cool or warm your neck. However, Inspecting the technology, this AC does not purify and cool the air as a traditional AC. It uses the “Peltier effect” to function. 

Sony says that the device uses polyester fabric that absorbs water quickly. Extra fine fibers are soft and comfortable to wear. As it is a stret material, the fit of the main body and the fit of wearing are good. Flat seams reduce the roughness when worn. As part of the effect, a material absorbs or emits heat when an electrical current is passed across a junction.

The smartphone and Reon Pocket body are linked by Bluetooth connection.

This can also be controlled with a smartphone app. There is a Manual Mode which mode allows you to select the temperature level from 4 levels yourself.

If you select My Mode, you can set cool/warm repeat and off timer. You can use it with your favorite settings according to your situation. It can be used to increase the temperature by 8.3 degrees Celsius in cold weather. However, the decrease or increase will vary slightly depending on the person

On the Auto mode, multiple sensors installed in the main body detect the temperature inside the main body and the cold and hot parts, behavior (stationary / walking) and automatically adjust to an appropriate temperature level. When the auto mode is turned on, the temperature level is weak at the beginning of walking, increases gradually as you continue walking, and reaches the strongest temperature level when you stop walking, Sony adds.

If you use the quick start in advance, you can start cool/warm by pressing the button on the main unit for about 2 seconds without using the application.

The battery can last up to two hours on a single charge. However, the device also comes with a USB Type-C port to charge the device back up.

Expected Price: Rs. 9100 (approx)