Google Pixel Fold leaks, Release date, Expected Price in India

The folding devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei are here to stay for a while, as shown and already available on the market and many of sees as a prototype or rumor. As unexpectedly Speaking of the latter, what perhaps we did not expect so much was to see a foldable device from Google, as a recent leak points out.

As earlier, it was already pointed out that the manufacturer of the Pixel would be thinking of a folding device like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, which is a hybrid between a small tablet and a mobile that doubles as a book. You would be shocked to know that, in these new information it is said that Samsung would be the manufacturer of the folding panel of this device.

Familiar Internal folding screen

As per the leaks come from The Elec medium, coinciding with their other previous leaks that pointed out that Google could be interested in acquiring said panels and end up receiving them together with brands like OPPO and Xiaomi, both with already folding models like the OPPO X 2021 and the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold. So, likely, the one already baptized as Google Pixel Fold would have a 7.6-inch folding panel, precisely the same diagonal as the internal screen of Samsung's Z Fold 2.

The best part is this screen would also be protected by Samsung's ultra-thin glass for folding screens. What is not talked about is whether it would also share the external screen that characterizes the Z Fold and the Huawei Mate Xs. However, in previous leaks there are already renders that include it.

The missing part is the specifications, as happened with the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. It is expected that these incorporate a processor of the house, leaving aside Qualcomm and competing directly with its Snapdragon 870, that they carry high-end cameras and up to five years of updates, aspects that we could perfectly see in this alleged folding, however there will be to see if any of the components are leaked.

The codename "passport" under which this Google Pixel Fold, which has actually been leaked and is expected to debut sometime in the last four months of this year. We will be awaiting the announcement of Google's event, knowing that at least the non-folding Pixels are in sight and with the possibility of this folding appearing.

There's not a lot of details out there, but we've heard from one source that the Pixel Fold will feature a huge 7.6-inch display, which would be around the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. One of the many features introduced in Android 11 is better support for foldable devices, allowing app makers to adjust how their software performs depending on the position of a phone's hinge. While the Pixel Fold was a no-show at Google's I/O developer conference in May, it did appear in the first public beta of Android 12, as spotted by 9 to 5 Google.

Honestly, there is no idea on this front. There’s no past record to go on and pricing is still somewhat nebulous for this class of device. One thing that’s pretty certain though is that it won’t be cheap. However, the Pixel range does offer good value for money, all of the foldable devices that have been released so far have cost well over Rs.100000/75000.