Covid Vaccine Price

For state governments Covid-19 Vaccine Covaxin will be priced at Rs 600, however for Private hospitals it is priced as Rs. 1200 said by its developer Bharat Biotech on Saturday.

The increase in the vaccine price for private hospitals will be as much as eight times the current supplies they are getting through the central government.

So, The State government will pay Rs. 600 per dose and four times more than the price at which the centre will get the vaccine.

For Private hospitals, at these rates Covaxin will cost twicer of Sirum Institute of India's Covishield, priced Rs. 600, however there will be a difference of Rs. 200 per dose.

Bharat Biotech, However intends that prices will be kept for the central government unchanged at Rs. 150, not like Serum Institute which is seeking to increase the price to Rs. 400 for the centre per dose.