immo Watch Phone Z6 smartwatch for childrens with video calls

In the segment of smart watches for kids, The immo Watch Phone Z6 is one of the most complete product in the market related to Video, GPS Watch with Real Time Location and Waterproof for Swimming IPX8 (Purple) and many more... without wasting the time, Let's get started..

A smart watch for kids

The immo Watch Phone Z6 is an advanced smartwatch for kids with considerable size even for an adult's wrist. It's clock system may seem anonymous however it has all the sense in the world for its main function called video calls.

immo Watch Phone Z6 Design

The immo Watch Phone Z6 does not seem to be a stylish smartwatch watch. It doesn't come with very flashy colors, conveys the idea of robustness and indeed that is how the watch turns out.

This device only weighs 66 grams and very comfortable to carry on wrist. The band is made of TPSIV (Vulcanized Silicone) which is quite easy to wash and clean. It also offers IPX8 protection which it a waterproof smartwatch and allows minors to wear it in the pool.

Its charging port of the magnetic pogo type is on the rear side and to release we must fold down the screen. It can be done with the help of a connector that frees it from a kind of frame associated with the strap.

While it is unfolded it gives access to the charging port and rear camera. Also when we lift the clock screen, the slot for the nanoSIM card that gives connectivity to the clock is accessible. Here we get a button on the right side to activate or deactivate the screen. The rest of the controls go through touching the clock screen.

immo Watch Phone Z6 Performance

The screen of the immo Watch Phone Z6 turns us on. It has a considerable screen size of 1.41 inches with a resolution of 320 × 360 pixels. It comes with an AMOLED panel with Gorilla Glass protection that looks perfectly both indoors and especially outdoors.

Its brightness can also be controlled with up to five levels of brightness in the clock settings. The tactile response to touches and gestures of this immo Watch Phone Z6 has nothing to envy of that of "adult" smartwatches.

The screen comes with multi-point touch screen and even though its response is very remarkable. Both the gestures on the sides to slide the notification panel (from above) and access to applications or the phone function (right and left respectively) can be done easily and without any failure.

The clock interface seems very clear and concise. Numerous applications come standard and some of them can be uninstalled, including the usual messaging, camera (photo and video), app store (only a couple of them available), alarm clock, schedule or stopwatch, among other.

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immo Watch Phone Z6 Video call

It comes with a double camera with a folding structure which highlights this smartwatch, allows the gesture of making a video call to be more natural. Having a folding screen and camera the video call can be made from a more natural gesture than if we had to raise our arm and place the camera in front of our face.

The best feature in this device is when a child wants to make a video call his/her parents or the dear ones allowed in the application, the kid only has to raise the screen and the watch can remain at a natural height and position. Nothing to place the watch in front of the face and with the arm raised.

As per the quality of the calls with the front camera, it has 5 MP, 84º and aperture f2.2 which is quite high, even though the sound is perfectly clear and loud. Also,  it carries similar features like other smartwatches like we can make or receive voice calls, text, images, video or voice messages.

The best feature of this device is that the front camera is accompanied by the rear, hidden under the screen and that we can use when the case is raised. The sensor is 8 MP with the same f2.2 aperture, 1.12 μm pixel size and 84º wide angle. Additionally, the quality of video calls, both in image and sound, the double camera allows us to see the kids environment in the same call.

While making video call, we get an option that activates the second camera to be able to have a real-time image of the kids environment. In good light, the image quality is also acceptable. Somewhat less indoors or at night.

immo Watch Phone Z6 Application

The immo Watch Phone Z6 has its corresponding application which is available for both iOS and Android devices without any difference.

Here we get the most outstanding functionalities in the immo Watch Phone Z6, where in addition to text, voice and video call messaging, there are options to limit its use, for example during class hours, to allow or not to dial any number from the clock as well as to manage a closed and secure list of contacts that the child can call as well as those who can make calls to the smartwatch.

In the application we can configure selected numbers and make them allowed to call and block the unwanted contacts during the study time. This smartwatch also includes various notices that we can be customized, such as getting up, doing homework, eating and a certain gamifying touch not only by measuring steps but by an application with which points/coins are obtained for reaching certain objectives with the clock.

In both circumstances, both steps and points, we can create a competition in which friends allowed by parents of other immo watches would enter. And with the coins the child can acquire different spheres to personalize the appearance of the watch.

immo Watch Phone Z6 Location and Battery feature

The immo Watch Phone Z6 supports location with the help of GPS and the mobile networks which is named as security areas, allows us to determine a "safe" area for the minor and for the clock to warn us if the child leaves it. But the implementation has not been by location via GPS but by coverage of a Wi-Fi network, which is why in most cases, it hardly serves to «fix» the safe area at home, where we can indicate the Wi-Fi network to which the watch must remain tied.

As per the battery, it is completely depends on the way we use like making normal call or videos calls, however it should be recharged after 2 days. It is also given that how much inside the watch and that it works under its own layer that personalizes Android Wear, which seems perfect autonomy but always with the warning that it is for children and we must be attentive to the fact that charging is carried out regularly (it takes about 100 minutes to complete).

immo Watch Phone Z6 Opinion

It seems most ambitious children's watch and at the hardware, performance and screen quality level does not have much to envy a serious smartwatch to use. It logically focuses on the essentials of a watch of this type like secure and instantaneous communications with a minor. Regardingly, it stands out especially for the quality of both voice and video calls, What makes it a winner is the double camera system with a folding structure along with very different and design. The immo Watch Phone Z6 is not discreet but it includes most of the functions that make sense in this type of device for children with room for improvement for location and even autonomy.

immo Watch Phone Z6 Specifications

Dimensions: 57.8 x 44.7 x 15.9 mm

Weight: 66 grams

Endurance: IPX8

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100

Internal memory: 8 GB

Connectivity: 4G, Blueototh, GPS and WiFi (2.4 GHz)

Battery: 680 mAh

Screen: 1.41 inch AMOLED touch

Resolution: 320 × 360 pixels

Cameras: 5 and 8 MP with f.2.2 and 84º wide angle

Price: Rs.18900 (Approx)