iPhone 14 will be powered by 4nm technology

Where everyone is waiting for the next Apple iPhone 13 and we are expecting it of becoming official this month. The company has already started working on what will be the next model in its stellar series, the iPhone 14. The processor is one of the very first element that are planned in relation to the hardware. According to the first leaks, earlier the engine of this next Apple terminal was a 3nm chipset, but apparently it will not be this way due to difficulties in production. Let's start what information we could gathered.

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iPhone 14 Leaked Features

Apparently the TSMC factories are responsible for the production of Apple's 3nm chipset, are facing some serious problems to have this N3 engine, as it has been called on time. With a delay of about 4 months, the future iPhone 14 can no longer be made with this 3nm chipset. So, leaving it with a 4 nm processor, the N4. The name of the processor would correspond to the Bionic A16, which would therefore be subject to a 4nm technology.

As it was already known that Apple had already requested orders for this 4nm motor from the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which would start production, so the problem started been rolling out. Instead, the TSMC factory has been reserved for the production of the 3nm processors and this production is expected to start in the middle of next year. The 3nm technology will remain like this for future terminals.

However, we could not call it coincidence that Samsung might also be having delays in the production of its 3nm chips, leaving its next terminals with 4 nm technology. Qualcomm's upcoming Snapdragon 898 also depends on the developments of the manufacturers TSMC and Samsung, so it is speculated that they will not carry the N3 yet.


We all know that the iPhone 13 is almost ready to be officially presented and will come with the 5nm Bionic A15. And then after Apple is in charge of the production details of the next iPhone 14, a mobile that was expected with a 3nm processor, but apparently it is still early for this chipset, so the next Bionic A16 engine will remain with technology of 4nm. Apparently the problem goes beyond Apple, suggesting that Samsung would also have delays with the production of an N3 processor.