Realme foldable mobile Realme GT 2 Fold with 8 inches screen

Realme is about to add another device in its catalog, but this time Realme is doing something different.... Yes, Realme is working on its very first foldable mobile phone called Realme GT 2 Fold.

As we all know Realme always follows OPPO and signs up for the project of a folding mobile phone called Realme GT 2 Fold. Since its folding mechanism would be closer to a Fold than to a Flip, while comparing it with Samsung. Well, for now Google has stopped working on its foldable project where Realme would still be one of the few to have a terminal of this type. And since the first data is being revealed, almost all on the screen (in reality it would be two) and also on the cameras. Their similarities with other GTs of the brand have not been revealed, so we are going to find out what this first folding mobile from Realme will bring us shortly,

Realme GT 2 Fold Features

According to the peeked in the form of images in sketches and some data The Realme GT 2 Fold would come with a large internal folding screen that would reach 8 inches extended. This screen would have AMOLED technology and a refresh rate of no less than 120 Hz. There will also be an external panel, also with AMOLED technology, with a standard size of 6.5 inches.

Realme GT 2 Fold would come with a dual main camera with both 50 MP sensors, which in itself makes it quite powerful. Also the sketch shows the layout of the module, which would be a horizontal band at the top rear. Details about the technology of these sensors are not yet known but it will surely not take long to know more details.

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Realme GT 2 Fold Specifications

Screen : AMOLED, diagonal 8 inches, refresh rate 120 Hz. Exterior screen: AMOLED, diagonal 6.5 inches.

Cameras : Dual primary, 50 MP primary, 50 MP accessory.

Realme GT 2 Fold Release and Price Leaked

Well, as nothing has been announced officially. So, we should not go out of the way assuming the price and availability, but hopefully we would be able to see this device may be 2022.