OPPO second-gen invisible camera mobile

As always, OPPO puts great effort to show that they are up to date in eye-catching technologies like fold able designs or functions such as true wireless charging. Similarly, they have done with their camera technology under the screen.

Here it seems like an intention of joining ZTE in offering this feature. Till now this is the manufacturer that has placed it on two officially presented phones but now OPPO has also achieved the same, OPPO says.

High-quality selfies

OPPO says that they have created their own hardware and algorithms which uses an artificial intelligence for their functions to achieve this effect. It also solves manufacturing-related problems what they faced during the years they have been working on this. However, the consistency of this area with the rest of the panel is maintained very well.

Here it explains that the density of the area covers by the camera is 400 pixels per inch, they are smaller and do not decrease in number like a familiar reference is a density close to the 409 dpi similarly as we see in many current FullHD + screens of 6.5 inches, as in the Realme GT (6.43 inches, 409 dpi), OPPO Find X3 Neo (6.5 inches, 402 dpi).

The manufacturer explains that they have also replaced the usual screen wiring material with a transparent one, also reducing it by 50%.

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As one circuit corresponds to each pixel, OPPO says in this case color, contrast and brightness will not be affected. they also commits for durability that because of their own technology and the algorithms the average life of the panel has increased by 50%.

The photograph they claim taken with a front camera under this new panel is an image with a very high sharpness and very good quality, seems impressive. Still we all need to wait till it launch

Coincidentally, recently the presentation of the ZTE Axon 30 5G, the second mobile of the brand that has this technology to hide the front camera. They described about the improvements with respect to what we have already seen in the ZTE Axon 20, whose results in the selfies seemed very improvable, so it will be necessary to see if ZTE has improved and if OPPO becomes a very worthy rival, as it has wanted to show.