Google's own ARM chip for its Chromebooks

As we all know that the new Pixel 6 is coming with the new Tensor chips from Google. Here the company makes its debut as a manufacturer of mobile SoCs, but there are a lot more to know.

According to the leaks, the future Chromebooks will also be based on ARM chips developed by Google itself and we might be able to see them in 2023.

Inspiration from Apple?

According to the leaks they say Google has been particularly inspired by Apple's success with its ARM chips not only in its iPhone or iPad, but with the M1s that were launched at the end of last year.

A lot more advantages of making own processors, Google will be able to control better the life cycle of its products and the launch dates, but it will also be able to customize these microprocessors in a way that perfectly suits your needs.


It is said that Microsoft is also raising something like this which could effect on the large traditional manufacturers like Intel and AMD are gradually losing some of their great traditional customers. Lets see how the jump to ARM chips gives them much more room for maneuver when it comes to not depending on the traditional giants of the sector.