Apple Watch 8 aims blood glucose or body temperature sensor

Before we have seen Apple Watch 7, there is already news and updates about Apple Watch 8. Apple Watch 8 might come with a blood pressure sensor, a blood glucose sensor which is very useful for diabetics and also new sleep monitoring functions or body temperature sensors.

A complete doctor on your wrist

In 2019 Apple watch came up with ECG function and was especially useful for people with atrial fibrillation. After the achievement Apple is continuing offering more health-related features in their watches.

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As per leaks, the future Apple Watch Series 8 will be launched with relevant changes in its set of sensors as below:

1. Blood pressure sensor:

Without providing the reference measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, still useful to keep our blood pressure levels monitored.

2. Blood glucose sensor:

It is one of the most expected for its potential as an aid for diabetics, but according to the WSJ, Apple is not achieving the expected levels of quality and reliability and progress is still slow.

3. Sleep tracking:

Although that option already exists, the future model might be able to detect sleep patterns and even apnea. The challenge here is to achieve that monitoring without the impact on the battery being high.

4. Body temperature measurement:

One of the scenarios in which this option would be used would be in fertility planning. This sensor would allow women to be informed, for example, of where they are in their ovulation cycle.

There is more than a year for that future model to be presented and those plans might be changed, but of course it seems clear that Apple is investing a lot of resources to make the Apple Watch a very useful complement to monitor our health.